tutes on tuesday {removing word verification}

i know there are plenty of tutorials out there showing you how to do this. but since so many of you haven’t taken it down yet, i thought i’d show you how it’s done. but first, let’s answer the question you’re probably asking:

“why should i get rid of word verification?”

the short answer is: because it’s annoying. especially if you host giveaways, let me assure you: word verification is not cool.

i know why you have it, really i do. you’re worried about spam comments.

there are two ways you can deal with spammers:

  • the first is to install disqus. i use it over on my personal blog, and i very very very rarely get spam comments.
  • the second is to not allow anonymous comments. i’ll show you how to do that too, okay?

alrighty, let’s get started.

log into your dashboard. duh.

to exclude anonymous commenters just select “registered users”

now is the time to be brave.

that’s it! believe you me, your readers will thank you.

now for the rest of us who are stuck commenting on blogs with that ever-dreaded captcha, i have a fun way to make it bearable. it’s called “captcha balderdash.” it’s a new virtual take on the classic word game balderdash.

you can see how it will make that tedious task of filling in word verification just a little more fun, no?

happy tuesday y’all!


8 thoughts on “tutes on tuesday {removing word verification}

  1. Noelani

    Thanks for sharing this. I agree, word verification is pretty annoying. Especially when you’re crunched on time and are trying to catch up on as many blogs as possible :b

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