Coffee Date: Vlog

I mentioned last Friday that there were some things that have been weighing on my heart. You guys were so supportive and encouraged me to go ahead and share my thoughts. You were also incredibly helpful and gave me great direction at how to edit video. Turns out that it’s pretty easy! Thanks especially to Megan and Rachel who were especially helpful in their recommendations!
Since I have mastered my video editing skills (not really, there’s a very awkward transition in there…sorry about that) I thought today would be a great time to bring you my vlog about being a leader in blogging.
I am warning you now, brevity is not a virtue I possess. The vlog is almost 13 minutes long. Thirteen minutes. And that’s edited! Who in their right mind can ramble at a video camera for 15 minutes straight?  So if you skip it, I won’t blame you – I know your time is valuable.
But I really, truly  hope you’ll listen to the video. I’m talking about popularity in the blogging community. Popularity. You know, those uber-successful, we-all-secretly-wish-we-could-be-one-of-them kind of bloggers. I took the plunge, y’all. I’m talking about that touchy subject that we all think about, but most of us just skirt around. So pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee (all though if this were face-to-face I’d offer you tea) and let’s have some coffee talk, shall we?

For those of you who want to skip it:
  • It’s really orange. I have no idea why. Poor lighting, obviously.
  • I talk about big “successful” bloggers. The ones who we’ve all heard of. They speak at conferences, write books, go on cool trips, show up on T.V. and in magazines. Yeah…those bloggers. Oh and one tiny detail: they have a very large, very active following. Must be nice, right?
  • I also talk about blog envy. I think it stems from being star-struck by “super star” bloggers. But it manifests itself in the constant rat race of who has more followers, most pageviews, more pins on pinterest.
  • But what I really talk about is leadership. After all, if we have just one follower, that makes a leader, right? Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader in the blogging community?
  • I give a challenge. A challenge to stop focusing so much on how many followers you have, and to focus instead on what kind of a leader you are.
  • And I tell you to use your power for good. After all, we as bloggers have a lot of influence – a lot of power. I want to be intentional in using my power for good.
Can you tell this is something that is so important to me? I’d love to know what you think. Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader? Are you intentional in your influence? Are you using your power for good?
Be blessed, y’all. And be a blessing.
P.S. I’m linking up with Rags to Stitches & Casey Leigh.
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44 thoughts on “Coffee Date: Vlog

  1. Laura Hernandez

    LOVED this and yes I listened to the whole thing. You got me questioning if I’m a leader. I post positive things but never thought of my self in a leadership role. I’m super nervous but want to link with these 2 awesome ladies and do a vlog post this week to. Hugs.

  2. Wendy

    Absolutely LOVED what you had to say! How important it is for us to leverage our influence in a positive, encouraging, and building up way. I think sometimes we lose sight of the fact that our written words are just as powerful as the spoken ones. Thank you so much for sharing your heart!

  3. Colleen

    You should be a motivational speaker or a teacher! This made me feel even worse about my tweet yesterday regarding the annoyance I have at the size of ads people are requesting! It felt a little caddy when I tweeted it, then it erupted into quite a response in agreement, so much that I felt terrible for anyone that could have thought I was referring to them. I probably embarrassed a person or 2 who may use odd ad sizes. That is not what I want my voice in this community to do! I want to make people feel good. Thanks for being an extra addition to my concience! :)

  4. Brittany TYD

    Thank you for such an inspiring vlog! I don’t listen to them often, but this morning I felt really compelled to hear yours. I feel like we’re real friends now ;). Also, it was almost the perfect length for me to put on my makeup! haha

    I am inspired to be more intentional with my posts and tweets. I hope I can be a good leader to those who follow me, and not focus so much on the numbers.

    Thank you!!

  5. Chelsea

    You need to speak professionally. I’m not even kidding. You completely drew me in and spoke to my heart. This is something I’ve really been struggling with lately & I’m officially putting on a new pair of glasses! Thank you SO much, Amanda!

  6. Anna @ Beauty in the Chaos

    Amanda, thank you for sharing what is on your heart with the rest of us bloggers. I completely agree with you! I feel that it is very important, when we blog, to choose our words wisely and make them positive. Thank you for leading by example. You truly are one of my favorite blogs to read, and I personally enjoy our twitter and email chats. You are definitely down to earth, and people can tell that you aren’t in this whole blogging thing just for a popularity contest. You truly are a positive example and I know how Heavenly Father is proud of you for that :)

    Anna xoxo

  7. Shaina Longstreet

    Seriously loved this vlog. The thought that anyone with a “follower” is a “leader” makes so much sense. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for influencing what words I’ll use in my next blog post. :)

  8. Nicole M. Hutchison

    Kudos and standing ovation for you and your vlog …… I don’t have the nerve to get in front of a camera or videocamera and speak, I hate my voice! You’re so sweet and kind and inspirational, thank you for sharing this information. It’s always good to be reminded that blog envy and unrealistic expectations are wastes of my precious time. Have a blessed day! BIG HUG

    Nicole @ Three 31

  9. Barefoot Hippie Girl

    I will add my thanks to everyone else’s.=) This was very convicting and encouraging. It isn’t about the numbers. We all are leaders of someone. Where am I leading those who are following?

  10. Rebecca Rejoices

    Will you mentor me? Seriously!

    Been there, done that, with the blog envy. Finally stopped chasing my tail and gave that blog up completely. It was all about followers, and I stopped loving what I was doing. It got to be all about the numbers.

    My new blog follows my true passion–encouraging and supporting women. I’ve done that my whole life! Why didn’t I just start there, with my passion, in the first place? As strange as this sounds, this next sentence is honest: I don’t want followers–I want people who are ready to be on the same journey as me. I want to build relationships, even if just online! (I hope that, 6 months from now, I remember what I just typed when something comes up and I am tempted to change the focus off the vision!)

  11. Kassi @ Truly Lovely

    Great video Amanda! I gotta say the negativity around blog land over the last couple of months has really bothered me. (Thus the reason we created The Modern Muse award!) *Thanks for teaching me that linking trick by the way! 😉
    I think it’s great that you’re encouraging us to think of ourselves as leaders and to lead in a positive way! In all honesty, I do think of myself as having influence, ie. I know at least some of my readers read what I have to say, then check it out. But to think of myself as a leader makes it feel much more purposeful!

  12. Whitney

    You did such an amazing job with this vlog, Amanda! I never thought of myself as a leader in the blogging community and had a bit of a hard time doing so when you first brought it up. I feel like I am so small and that what I have to say just isn’t important. I’m definitely struggling with this, but you’re right. I so agree with what you said about being deliberate in what you blog/tweet about. You should definitely give a speech at a conference on this!

  13. Breanna Hohenstein

    Great post lady :) I absolutely agree with you as well! Us as bloggers have a lot of influence not just in the blogging community but within the world wide web and beyond. I believe that we should use our little space on the internet and put it to great use because you never know who you might touch or affect :) On the being a leader part I’ve never thought much into that, but it makes sense that we should see ourselves as leaders!

    Thanks for the awesome message!

  14. TicoTina

    I agree with others who said you spoke well – it didn’t seem like you did that much editing, so I’m impressed =) it may have been 13 minutes, but I don’t think you wasted the time at all, I appreciate and will be thinking more about your perspective on leadership – it’s true!

  15. Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin

    Amanda – what can I say? You do your mama proud!

    And blogging friends – her lack of brevity is just a genetic predisposition. . . as her father is NEVER brief. And I seldom am.

    Good job, Curly Girly. I’m might proud of you!

  16. AbsoluteMommy

    I couldn’t get this to load to my phone, so I can’t wait to watch it when I get home. But the highlights you wrote of your post got me. You are so right and I can’t wait to hear it from you! Thanks! I’ll comment again when I get the whole picture!!

  17. Torie

    This was fantastic! I’m so glad I listened to the whole thing :) And it was much needed for me. I have some awesome bloggy friends who are far ahead of me in the followers game and sometimes I do catch myself being discouraged by that. This video was a nice reminder that I should take myself seriously as a leader and trust what I have to say is worth listening to, the rest will follow. :) Awesome vlog girl. You should do these more often. :)

  18. Nikkiana

    Great vlog. I agree that it’s really easy to get wrapped up in the numbers and lose sight of the fact that when you post you’re leading and influencing others… which for me is the whole reason I’m inspired to blog in the first place.

  19. AbsoluteMommy

    I’m gonna need a motivational vlog from you weekly! I am so inspired by you. This was amazing, and yes, also heavy on the hearts of many of us! Amen to all of it. YOU are an amazing leader, and such a blessing! Keep up the good work!!

  20. Kendall

    i loved being able to see you in person – so cool! You really inspired me and made me think about my blog and it’s content – we SHOULD inspire one another and UPLIFT one another. Your words rang so true! xo.

  21. Kelly

    Amanda, you are SUCH an encourager and this community could use so many more of you my dear. I watched the whole thing hehe and I am SO happy I did. i never thought of myself as a leader on my little blog BUT I do see what you are saying and it made me look at what I’m doing in a new way. You are just awesome and I enjoy you so much!! PS: You should do vlogs more often!!! You have a GREAT presence girl!!

  22. Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs

    This was such a great vlog, girl! I agree with everything you said. I dont know if I ever truly thought myself as a leader, just because Ive considered myself such a “small” voice/blog. But As Ive said before, I do desire to glorify God with all that I do and say.. including on my blogs. So I do try to intentionally be a good example and use my words wisely. But I too still find myself thinking about numbers and stats and comparing myself with other bigger bloggers/bigger voices.

    But now that I have heard what you said I will be sure to make more of a conscious effort to be a better leader. Thank you for such an encouraging eye opener! :)

  23. Jerri Rivers

    What a great vlog! Lots of interesting thoughts and ideas! In life, in general, we’re always comparing ourselves to others, so it’s no surprise that it carries over to the blogs. But I agree with you that at then end of the day, we should try to focus on being a positive force and creating a community for ourselves and others.

  24. TheFancyFritter

    I thank you so much for this post. I love blogs that just share their heart and lives and family because they are real. You are so right about being an influence on people and it’s so true to be a good influence and leader. I’m a leader to 110! Whoo hoo! 😉 I feel like I just made a new friend and we just had coffee and you encouraged me so much! I love the video posts. I may try to do it sometime. Have a great week! :-) ~Stacy

  25. Tamika Rybinski

    Wow! Thanks! This is the first VLog i have watched. I saw that you had one and I really wanted to hear what you had to say. I am new in the blogging world and I feel like a little fish trying to figure out how to swim. Your posts have been encouraging and helpful to me countless times. Thank you for living what you talked about and leading through encouragement and example. Orchids to you for having the confidence, courage and conviction to be who you are and bless others in doing so. I have a small blog that is unknown and I am still trying to clearly establish what it is I want to put out there. This reminder, that whatever I write has power and that I am leading those who choose to follow my blog. I will continue this journey with greater awareness, focus very intentionally. Thank you again for a great post!

    Tamika @

  26. Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire

    What a lovely post and so eloquently put! Thank you for this encouragement! I used to be really hard on myself about stats and numbers. It still creeps up on my from time to time, so your vlog is always a good reminder! Thank you!

  27. Adrienne

    I did watch the whole vlog, and I really did enjoy seeing your face and expressions and hearing your heart on this subject. I’m a totally new blogger and I’m already thinking about numbers because it seems to be so heavily emphasized on everything I’ve read! That is crazy!

    More than anything, though, I want to be a great encouragement in my online community and to use any influence that I do have for good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    ps-I thought the vlog was just great! :)

  28. Shane

    This is AMAZING in every way, shape and form! You are so right, this had so much more of an impact through vlog than written. I love how you connected leadership as a responsibility of a blogger. Exactly why I take part in organizations such as Speak Now, RevolutionizeHer and the mission list, to do good through blogging! This was in no way too long, I enjoyed each and every of the 13 minutes :)

  29. j. spencer

    I just followed your link from Naptime Diaries today and wanted to say “Thank you for this message!”

    This has been the story of my life lately but from this post and some feedback I got on my own blog, I really feel God telling me to refocus my direction towards the readers that I do have instead of spending my time and energy on trying to gain the readers that I don’t.

    Much Love,

  30. Kate @ A Creative Cookie

    You have already inspired me and moved me to be a leader. I realized I *can* make a difference on my blog, with your vlog as an example. I’m excited and I want to get started, including your new linky party, but I don’t know where to start or what I should do…?

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