Desire to Inspire//An All New Linky Party

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I don’t want to be a blogger, I want to be a writer. And an inspiration.

I received so many comments and e-mails from fellow bloggers with a similar desire, and it warmed my heart to know that there are so many other women who want to be intentional in focusing on good and read-worthy content.


By now I’m sure you’ve seen a few What I Wore posts floating around the internet. Or should I say several hundred. Contrary to popular belief, What I Wore Wednesday did not start out as being about showing off uber-fashionable outfits and giving shout-outs to our favorite designers and stores. Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy started WIWW as a way for bloggers to hold themselves accountable to get up and get dressed every morning. As stay at home wives and mommies it’s easy to just want to grunge around in our yoga pants and t-shirts. Lindsey had a vision for giving her family at least as much as she is willing to give strangers when she runs errands during the week. So instead of bumming it around the house, she wears the same clothes on days she stays home as she does on the days she has to go out. And her little vision inspired literally hundreds of women to do the same for their families.


Don’t we all want to be such an inspiration to our followers? I know I do. That’s why I’m starting an all new linky party: Desire to Inspire. Every Thursday I will host a linky party designed to hold us accountable to embrace our roles as leaders in the blogging community (no matter your size!), to pay attention to our content, and to cultivate a spirit of vision and inspiration among our followers.


Will you join me? If you’re a fashion blogger, will you commit once a week to focus on your words rather than your pictures? If you’re a mommy blogger will you commit once a week to writing a post that encourages other mommies who struggle with the same things with which you’re struggling that week? If you’re a DIY blogger will you commit once a week to provide inspiration beyond the hot glue gun and craft closet?
You see, it doesn’t matter which category of blogger you are – if you desire to inspire your readers on a deeper, more personal level, please link up with me. Please join me in a mission to embrace your role as a leader in the blogging community and to focus on content excellence.


This linky is not about what inspires you, but about what you can do to be an inspiration to your readers.
Will you join me? I’ll be there even if you aren’t, but I’d be thrilled if you’d join me. Let’s focus on read-worthy content. Let’s embrace our influence. Let’s be an inspiration.
Desire to Inspire Week One will go live at 7:00 a.m. CST next Thursday, September 6. Please join me – and help spread the word!




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    I think this is the biggest struggle I have with blogging. I like to post meaningful posts, ones that inspire people to be great designers. I will certainly try my best to be better from now on and link up!

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    What a great idea! For the last three weeks on my blog on Thursday, I have been featuring women who have pursued a dream…didn’t just sit there but did something to make something else happen! I’d love to link up!

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      Lovely, for a while I’ve been searching for those inspirational women. I want my life aligned with people living their own lives and as a writer and story teller I enjoy reading people’s life stories. What’s your blog?

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    I think this is a wonderful idea….and I couldn’t agree with you more! I have been struggling for the last few months about gaining followers vs. writing for me. I am not a magnificent writer, but I have also found that I do enjoy it…but not so much doing what is necessary to grow your blog. So I am heading more towards my blogging roots and what made me happy…if that means that I lose followers or never gain another…so be it. At least I will be doing what I love – how I wish to do it. Have a great weekend and I have put your link up in my planner!

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    oh, and very interesting about the WIWW posts. A fellow blogger explained to her readers and family why she does those posts and her reason behind doing them was exactly what you said. Especially to look good for her husband. :)

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    I love your writing! You have totally hit the nail on the head.
    For starters I had no idea the real reason behind WIWW and am so touched
    by what you’ve shared. I blog with hopes to inspire and motivate.
    It’s in my personality and keeps out if the “shallow” trap. I’m excited to join
    this link up and be following along!

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    Thank you for this blog hop-it’s definitely nice to share and read things to inspire-I’m sure there will be many posts of things important to remember, and things to encourage each other along the way.
    Happy New Year!


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