Christmas Trash to Christmas Treasure \\ 5 Ways to Recycle Wrapping Paper

Christmas Trash to Christmas Treasure <-------- Mr. E. came up with that title, isn't he clever?
Of course, these 5 ways to recycle wrapping paper are not limited to Christmas wrapping paper, so feel free to pin away, ’cause I came up with these all by my not-a-DIYer self.

Paper that wrapped large boxes is ideal for cutting down to size. A little glue stick on the ends to hold it down, and Voilà! Inexpensive and easy drawer liner.

As long as the wrapping paper isn’t too crumpled, you can easily cut equal sized triangles and secure them to string or ribbon using hot glue, staples, or double sided tape.

Since wrapping paper isn’t acid-free, I’d recommend not touching the paper to your pictures. But using discarded wrapping paper + a little washi tape means a fun way capture a memory. 

Crumpled or not, used wrapping paper makes for an awfully pretty, and seasonally-inspired option for covering a cork board. Pair it with some ribbon and fun push pins, and you’re all set to display Christmas cards.
This year’s wrapping paper is my all-time favorite, so I actually did reuse it. Not only does it save money, but it’s a super-efficient way to recycle. 
That’s about all I could come up with…what ideas do you have for recycling wrapping paper?

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