Desire to Inspire # 16: Praying for Your Blog


A sinking sun stared back at me as I drove into the sunset. I was driving West, just as the sun was setting, heading home from my last day of work. Just a few weeks earlier The Professor and I had prayerfully made the decision for me to quit my job and take on blogging + designing full time. My heart fluttered with the nerves of one facing an unknown future.  My mind was riddled with worry, as one who understands the financial implications if their business plan fails. I was walking away from certain income, taking a step of faith into my own small business, with uncertain income. Although I knew without a doubt that this is what God had beautifully ordained for me to, I was still scared.

It was in that moment, every brilliant color of an autumn sunset beaming with all its God-given pride and glory, that I did what I should have done a year and a half ago.

I prayed for my blog.

Prayers, from somewhere deep within my fluttering, nervous heart ushered forth. I think I was praying for a few moments even before I was aware of what I was doing.

Prayers for me and The Professor, that we would have Divine wisdom to know how to manage A Royal Daughter as a God-honoring business. Prayers that God would humble me and teach me to seek my husband’s counsel and wisdom when I have to make big business decisions.

Prayers for the words I write. I have found myself penning the words of a story that Someone else is writing, and oh how I want to write with Divine grace and wisdom. I want the words that you read to be God-inspired, not in the way that Scripture is inspired by God, but in a way that speaks truth to fellow Christ-followers and demonstrates to those who aren’t that there’s a beautiful, earth-shattering difference between the grace of God and the judgment of man.

Prayers for you, the women who bless me by taking time to be here and read what is on my heart. I prayed for your hearts, for your families, for your blogs.

Prayers for grace when I mess up. Because I know I will.

Prayers for humility when I’m tempted to pride.

Prayers for wisdom when I don’t know what to write.

Prayers for transparency and authenticity when I’m tempted to hide behind the safety of a computer screen.

Prayers for blessing from the One who is writing the story. I did, I prayed that God will bless my blog. My writing. This community.

Prayers of thankfulness that He had opened the door for me to work from home, to share my story, and to make His name known. I am filled with thankfulness that He would allow me to do this, to the benefit of my family and for His own glory.

Praying for your Blog

Since I started blogging thousands of people have read my words, many of them sticking around each day to see what else I have to say.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’d been blogging for a year and a half, having written some five hundred posts before I even thought about setting aside time to pray over my blog.

Every day, with broken words, I write. I write about life, and how it is both pain-filled and joy-filled, all at the same time. I write about grace, that unseen gift that I could never earn, but I receive daily. I write about purpose, and how knowing it makes life so much more meaningful. I write about marriage, that daily journey of two sinful people striving to become more like Christ. I write…

And for a year and a half I wrote, having never approached the throne of grace asking for wisdom. Having never asked Him for the right words.  Having never once prayed for grace, mercy, compassion, understanding, and humility. Having never asked Him to bless my writing.

And now I pray, almost daily for A Royal Daughter, and for you – the readers. Because…I cannot do this without His help.

What about you? Do you pray for your blog? For your readers? If so, will you share with us how you pray, so we can join you?

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Q & A with Lauren \\ Mercy Ink

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ARD: When did you first set goals for your business/blog? How do you hold yourself accountable to accomplish those goals?

MI: I have been blogging casually for years and had never really set goals: I just wrote whenever/however I felt led.  But in June 2012 I left my career in social work to be home with my kids more and also really pursue the blog and shop professionally.  That was the first time I really set serious goals over the blog and business.  Writing goals down is crucial to helping me reach goals.  I need to remind myself regularly of what I’m working towards.  Also, praying over goals, being flexible, and not taking myself too seriously are key.


  1. says

    Got a feeling your adventures will all be successes!
    I guess in a sense I’ve prayed for my little blog!
    I’ve prayed that I gain some focus and always have a strong purpose!
    Love the link up, excited to be a part of it this week

  2. says

    Wow. I type through glassy eyes. I needed to read that. What a timely and profound word. Thank you for sharing it Amanda! Honestly, I haven’t. Prayed for my blog. Yet. As I start this new season, I will though. Thank you friend.

  3. says

    I do pray for my blog-each week when I am planning my posts-what does God want me to write this week? I’ve prayed for growth. I’ve prayed for people to be encouraged and challenged by what I write.

  4. says

    Beautiful. I think it’s funny. The Bible talks about praying about everything. But there are just some things we don’t even think about going to God about. One time my daughter, probably 5 at the time, lost her earring. I was looking and looking. She said to me, “Mom, why don’t we pray and ask Jesus to help us find my earring.” I had looked all over. But that sounded like a better idea. We held hands and prayed. I’m not kidding you when I say that as soon as my eyes opened, her earring was sparkling at me. I saw exactly where it was. Prayer. It is a powerful thing! I do pray for my blog…for God’s wisdom and help and direction. Thank you for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

    • says

      You know, when I first wrote this post a few weeks ago I included the verse that says to do “everything as unto the Lord.” <—that includes blogging, right? Of course it does! You are so right, sometimes I think God holds back an answer until we specifically ask Him for it. Just so we never forget how dependent we are on Him!

  5. says

    Once again, Amanda, you’ve inspired me to be greater and live greater for Him. As much time, energy, and effort I put forth on my little piece of Blog-Land, I should definitely expect God wants to be invited to the party. Silly me! Stopping what I’m doing right now and giving thanksgiving to God and asking for His guidance, direction, and blessing in 2013. Thank you, Friend. =)

  6. says

    I have prayed for my blog since I started it last year. Not necessarily for the readers because I don’t have many (though I am always surprised to find in conversation that someone has read my blog. I think that I have more readers than I realize, they are just not interacting on the blog). But I have prayed that I would honor God through what I write on the blog. And I have also prayed and asked God to use my story as He sees fit. I haven’t really wanted to advertise myself, rather let God bring people to my blog to read my story as He sees fit. Giving Him control of the numbers. But I love the idea of praying for my readers, too. Making the blog a ministry…. I am so glad I found you! And this Desire to Inspire content. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Anne! Thanks for taking time to say hi and to be such an encouragement to me! It really wasn’t until after I prayed for ARD that God really gave me a clear vision and focus for the direction of this little space. I’m praying He gives you that same focus!

  7. says

    This was a very encouraging post. I have prayed for my blog many times in the last year, but I have not made it a regular thing. This was a really good encouragement to do that. Thank you! I love you heart that shows through on this blog.
    Alesha <3

  8. leah says

    Amanda, this touched my heart. I never thought about praying for my blog. Honestly, for a ridiculous reason, i felt that maybe it wasn’t important enough to pray about.
    how wrong i’ve been and that you’ve made me see. when we write, it must be Him writing. how could i have missed that?
    you’re such an inpiration! praying that your business takes off to honor Him.

  9. says

    Such an encouraging post! After blogging for almost a year, I’m finally turning it over to God, to see where He will take me with it. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in something for yourself & forgetting to see how it’s something for Him.

    • says

      It is! This whole space is for HIM – what a great way to put it, Rebekah!

      We seriously need to get together sometime. Are you heading east any time soon?

      • says

        Possibly! My brother attends ETBU and just got a job at FBC Longview so he can’t come home on weekends anymore, but that means I will go East to see him more. About how far are you out of Marshall/Longview? I would love to make an Amanda Visit detour!

  10. says

    What a beautifully written post. You are such a powerful writer. I’ve been going through some of your older posts since I stumbled on your blog yesterday and found so much of your writing moving. You are already an inspiration to many, but I’m sure your writing will move many others still. Thank you for creating this beautiful link up.


  11. says

    As I struggle to find the time to make my blog what I know it can become, I appreciate this beautifully written post. It is an excellent reminder that I need to put it in God’s hands. Your blog is one of my favorites and even though I am terrible about commenting, I always read what you have to say. Your words are inspiring to me.

    • says

      Why is so hard for us bloggers to just give it to God? I know it is for me at least. I have to be really intentional to do it daily!

      Thanks for your encouragement!

  12. says

    Just recently, over the past few months, I began praying for my blog and the blogs of others. The Lord burdened me to pray for their success, so I have been. I think it’s a good thing.

    Great post. Spoke to me. Thank you.

  13. says

    I’m so thankful to have found this post! I am only four posts into my new blog and, like you, it did not occur to me to PRAY for my blog. What a wonderful way to submit my words to the Lord. I’m always nervous when I post a new post out into the cyber world because it feels so VERY PUBLIC and I want to be honoring to the Lord and encouraging to others. Bringing my blog into my prayer life is a wonderful way to ease the anxiety and LISTEN for the words the Lord would have me use. Thank you for sharing this!


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