My heart

My heart…

Oh hi there.

Today was going to be the third (and final) installment in the Blogger vs. WordPress series. But you guys asked so many great and often similar questions, it’s taking me a while to categorize and answer them all!

And then there’s this little thing called my heart…

My heart

…My heart isn’t into tutorials and SEO and why I made the switch.

…My heart is uneasy with decisions that The Professor and I have to make soon.

…My heart beats wildly as I think about how much Biblical truth is portrayed in Les Miserables and I wonder if you saw it too? Depravity, sin, dirt, and grime. And Grace, so much grace! And mercy, forgiveness, and redemption. Free Will. It’s all there, pointing to Jesus. It’s just that some don’t know it.

…My heart is an emotional mess this week as I read, and read again an e-mail from a blog friend whose words brought tears to my eyes, and The Professor’s too.

…My heart is filled with gratitude that we aren’t called to walk this life alone in isolation. Thank God for those who have gone before, and come back to walk beside us.

…My heart is stirred by the truth God’s been teaching me as I read and study and ruminate on I Samuel chapter one.

…My heart wrestles with a deep desire to be remembered by God, and the mind-blowing realization that I was never forgotten.

…My heart revels in the knowledge that even in the throes of infertility, there is a divine peace and joy hovering over me, providing comfort and strength and even a happiness that had almost been forgotten.

…my heart is proud of my husband and his accomplishments, and sometimes I want to shout them to the world, but I know that would be bragging.

…my heart sometimes takes grace for granted. And that’s not okay with me.

…my heart very nearly bursts with excitement when I think of all that God has in store for this little website, and all of the great things that are going to be happening very soon!

…my heart loves almost everything about blogging. Except for the part where you have to live a good six to eight weeks in the future if you’re going to be prepared for any holiday. That sort of stinks. Here’s to not uttering the words “Valentine’s Day” for another 4 weeks, at least. *wink*

What’s on your heart today?






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RDD: When did you first set goals for your business/blog? How do you hold yourself accountable to accomplish those goals?

GUAT: I had some loose goals when I started blogging for more than just the grandparents in the middle of this past year (2012.) I just recently established some concrete goals for 2013. I am hoping to assess where I’m at each quarter to see where I’m at and/or re-work them a bit if need be.

34 thoughts on “My heart…

    1. Amanda

      Thank you Sarah! Sometimes just being true to your heart, sharing the hard things, the good things, the beautiful and ugly things…it’s what we need.

  1. Nicole Hutchison @ Three 31

    As always, a beautiful post Amanda, always true, authentic, and purposefully YOU. As for Les Miz, eeek!!!!! I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this version. I”m excited to see it. I’ve got to watch it before it leaves the theaters though, I want the music to rock my core!

    May God’s peace reign in your heart, mind, and soul. Be blessed, Friend, and know you are a blessing to many. Including me! =)

    Nicole @ Three 31

    1. Amanda

      Nicole, as always YOU are an encouragement and a blessing! You really do have the gift of encouragement, don’t you?

      Les Mis is definitely worth seeing in the theaters! I’ve seen it twice!!

  2. Chrissy

    Amanda my heart loves your heart. My heart longs to be closer to Jesus. My heart is excited for your blog and how God will use it!

    1. Amanda

      Thank you Anne!! You know, when I share my heart the words just come. Without thinking. Without worry. I must write these kinds of posts more often.

  3. Kristine Foley

    So much truth here sweet friend. If ure proud of your hubby I believe you should shout it from the rooftops! God gave him his talents and if he is using them for good God would want you to celebrate that. “Bragging” is such a loaded word. Sometimes I find myself feeling as tho I have to justify good things He has given us, and not want to celebrate his blessings cuz I dont want to come off as “bragging” but I remind myself that in itself the holding back is not giving it all to Him cuz Im worried what others will think. Hope this is making some sense :) Anywhoo, thank you for sharing your heart this morning, it made mine.

    1. Amanda

      Thanks Kristine! I know what you mean, but the truth is I know right now I would be boasting. :) His good news is just a blessing, and I don’t want to brag about it, you know. I’ll wait until my heart is right!!

  4. Sarah Jane

    My heart is heavy wondering, “How are we going to pay for my last class towards my BSN? Or my husbands one credit we have to pay every semester until he has his PhD?” But then I’m reminded that since God cares for even the sparrows, how much MORE will He care for us.

  5. Marissa S.

    Sweet, sweet friend. You are truly an amazing grace. I am no longer able to bear my own children, though I have one very beautiful daughter. I have struggled emotionally for the last 12 years of her life wanting more children and being angry with God for keeping that blessing from me. One of my goals this year was to write “my story” being inspired by you & other bloggers. I fell into such a depression, and thankfully blogging saved my life. Quite literally. I’ve started using humor & scripture as a means of healing. I’m so grateful for you sharing your heart with me.


    1. Amanda

      Oh Marissa! Isn’t the blogging community wonderful for providing camaraderie and companionship? My parents & my older brother waited for 12 years for me…and then my little brother came along just 18 months later! God’s timing….it’s so painfully perfect.

  6. Kassi @ Truly Lovely

    Yes! Let’s put Valentine’s day off until February at least?!?! haha. And I get that… sometimes the things we think we should be writing about on our blogs, aren’t really the things we WANT to be writing about. I struggle with that sometimes and am really working on focusing more on the want than the ought.

  7. Brooke @ Covered in Grace

    Oh Amanda!
    I am in love with this post. You are such a beautiful, beautiful person. And I am blessed when you speak your heart like this. Jesus sure does have a sweet hold on you.

    I’ve had wordpress switch stuff on my mind all day…and wanted to ask you questions…but I’ll wait.
    This was so much better for me.


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