5 Uses for going bad apples

5 Uses for Going Bad Apples

One of my goals for this year is to throw away less food. I’m not the world’s worst at throwing away food, and since we have a compost pile, I don’t usually feel terrible about having to toss produce. Except for the not-so-little fact that it’s basically like throwing away money.

I purchase a lot of organic produce in bulk, and it seems like I always have fruit that starts to go bad. I recently ordered 20 pounds of apples, and after seven weeks, the remaining apples were starting to look less than perfect. That’s how I came up with 5 Uses for Going Bad Apples.

5 Uses for going bad apples

They really don’t look that bad for being 7 weeks old.

#1: Homemade Apple Pie

Homemade Gluten Free Apple Pie

I used Pamela’s gluten-free bread dough (the pastry bread dough, not the sand which bread dough) along with the recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook. It was amazing. And once those apples cook down a bit, no one cares that they weren’t perfect.

#2. Dried Apple Rings.

5 uses for going bad apples2

Core + peel the apples, if desired. Since we don’t have a dehydrator, I did it the old fashioned way. Place the apples on a cooling rack or cookie sheet and set that on top of a baking pan. Bake in the oven on warm for about 8 hours. I didn’t even bother to turn them – they dried out just fine the way they were.

How to Dehydrate apples1

#3 Homemade Apple Sauce

How to Make Homemade Apple Sauce1

To make: core + peel the apples and throw them in a blender along with some cinnamon (and nutmeg if you like it). Blend until it reaches desired consistency.

Homemade Applesauce1

#4 Oatmeal + Apples

Oatmeal with Apples1

Again, once the apples cook down, it really doesn’t matter that they started out less than perfect. I almost always add apples to my oats, usually one apple for two servings. I put the apples in the water while it boils, and by the time the oats are finished cooking the apples are nice and tender.

#5 Add Apples to Your Morning Smoothie

Apples are an excellent source of vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. They also serve as a natural sweetener when added to a smoothie.

Smoothie with Apple

How do you use apples that are past their prime? Or any other fruit for that matter! I have yet to figure out what to do with past-their-prime oranges. Besides fresh squeezed orange juice, that is.

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SS: Yes!  Once our little bitty blog got the opportunity to be weekly regular guests on radio, my husband was convinced that this was a God thing.  I have always wanted to be more actively involved in speaking for God, not just speaking and working secularly.

17 thoughts on “5 Uses for Going Bad Apples

  1. Barefoot Hippie Girl

    I hate throwing away food too. It is something (not throwing away) that was ingrained in me from my youth. I very rarely throw food away. It is not worth it. And its like watching the moola drive away in the garbage truck.

    1. Amanda

      I agree 100%! Unfortunately towards the end of last year while I was working we got to the point where we were throwing away quite a bit of food. It was so frustrating. I’m definitely trying to be more intentional to use up all our groceries!

    1. Amanda

      Kristin! Yikes it is intimidating to know a pro photographer was looking around my site! I’m still learning how to use my camera!!

      You’re going to be at Blissdom then? Looking forward to meeting you!

  2. lisacng @ expandng.com

    Wow, 20 lbs?! What are 2 ppl going to do with that many apples? Though they do look pretty great for 7 weeks old. Had no idea they lasted that long. Great uses, especially drying out the apples for rings. I’d make muffins too!

    1. Amanda

      We eat A LOT of fresh produce. And like I said – it lasted seven weeks, so that’s really not that much! We had 20 pounds of oranges too. :) Buying the fresh organic produce helps it keep longer. A lot longer. :)

  3. Rebekah

    I hadn’t thought about what to do with apples, but we have bananas go bad all the time! I always smash them up and freeze them in little containers when I have over-ripe bananas, then when I am making a bunch of pancakes or waffles, sometimes just a random cake, I pull out the frozen goo and add it in. It’s delicious, healthy (well by itself, not so much after I add it to a cake or something syrup covered) and and I didn’t have to throw it out!
    How are the dried apple rings? I’m trying to come up with healthier snacks to have around & I like banana chips, but those are usually covered in sugary stuff when you buy them from the store.

    1. Amanda

      I am not a banana eater. :( The Professor likes them well enough, and we had roasted bananas this week and he LOVED them! I just can’t bring myself to cook with bananas….

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