Desire to Inspire #24 Identity

Thump, thump, thump.

I hear my own heart pounding in my chest. The sound of blood hammering against my heart chambers fills my ears, stifling all other sounds around me.

The woman next to me is tall and thin. Her eyes are stern, and she evaluates me from behind thick, dark glasses. She sits there next to me, representing the State of Texas in a court case against me.

We sit side by side, two completely different women. She is polished, completely in control of every word she speaks against me, calculating her next sentence before the one she is speaking is out of her mouth. I am nervous, completely unsure of the words I am about to speak, and I have a nagging feeling that I am somehow not as prepared as I thought.

The judge speaks with a sharp tongue and a hint of sarcasm and obvious frustration as she addresses those in the courtroom behind me. I don’t want to get on her bad side, I joke to myself in a failed attempt to calm my still-thundering heart.

I sit straight and tall, trying to look as though I am filled with confidence, but as I listen to the prosecutor question the one and only witness, I am silently afraid that the judge will not believe me.

The prosecutor is finished and it is my turn. The judge looks at me, the prosecutor does not. As I begin to speak I am painfully aware that I am fumbling my words. I stumble over the very words I have practice so many times over the past few weeks. Although I speak truth, as I took an oath that I would, I feel like I look guilty.

And when I say “Your Honor” I can’t help but wonder if it sounds fake – as if I’m some twitty high school student who is sucking up to the teacher to try and get a good grade on a paper into which she put exactly zero effort. For the briefest of moments I flash back in my mind to all those glorious little girl years of playing pretend, and I am vaguely aware of how that little girl innocence could never know the stark contrast of what standing before a judge, defending your name and honor feels like in reality. I miss little girl innocence and days filled with blissful, hopeful, beautiful pretending.

My voice quivers, and in my mind I calculate how much money I’ll be parting with in the event that the case is not dismissed. Several hundred dollars.

I present my evidence. I tell the judge that I am a victim of identity theft. I submit signed affidavits, police reports, and other documents as proof of my innocence.

The prosecutor deliberates with a court clerk while I sit there looking at the judge. I look at my file, filled with important papers that serve as my only proof of identity theft.

She returns to the seat beside me and looks at the judge and states without any emotion, “The State moves to dismiss.” The judge makes a note on her paperwork and looks down at me with the words I’d hoped to hear, “Case dismissed, you’re free to go.”

I fairly float out of the courtroom. More than three years of dealing with this particular case is finally over.

And as I walk the few blocks to my car I revel in the fact that my identity – my true identity – cannot be stolen. It is secure, deeply rooted in the One who calls me His own. And nothing can take that away from me.

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ARD: Is your family supportive of your business? How do you use your business to bless your family and strengthen the family relationship?
LL: My family is very supportive of everything I do.  My six children are grown and some have families of their own and they do all they can to spread the word about my business and be my “walking advertisements.”  They often come to shows and help me set up or break down, they’ve had parties for me and when they need a quick gift for someone, they know Mom’s always got something pretty in her bag!  They have also helped me learn some of the new technology I needed to run my business.  My sweet husband is always here after a long show to give me a meal and get me to bed and to encourage me when things don’t go as well as I think they should.  I don’t know what I would do without them.

16 thoughts on “Desire to Inspire #24 Identity

  1. Kristine @the foley fam

    Just the thought of Identity theft scares the crap out of me!! I can’t imagine the stress you experienced, but am so happy it is finally over for you! Love your last thought. I struggle with putting my Faith in Him, especially during the tough times, when my Faith should be stronger. Thanks for sharing and hosting yet another great week friend! XOXO

  2. Andrea Merrigan

    What a well written post, left me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happened! I could not imagine dealing with identity theft, any recommendation on how to avoid it from happening?

  3. Lauren @ {{mercyINK}}

    Oh my word what a nightmare, Amanda! I hear so much about identity theft but haven’t met anyone who has experienced it on such a level. Crazy! I’m glad it’s over for you! And glad your true identity cannot be stolen… amen.

  4. Mrs. Sarah Coller

    Wow—scary experience but great reminder that we are truly secure in the Lord, no matter what the world throws at us.

    Thanks for the party. Hope you’re having a nice week.
    Mrs. Sarah Coller
    Homemaking Linkup is going on now—please join us!

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  6. Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy

    What an awesome reminder that our true identity is with God (but whew, how scary to have to deal with identity theft!!!) I bet you’re so relieved that is over! I echo another person who asked if you had any tips to prevent it?

  7. Ally Ferguson

    LOVED your post today! I could not imagine going through such a scary experience, I am sure that was quite a journey! But I just loved how God still spoke to you and encouraged you through your identity in Him. Identity (especially young girls) is a huge passion of mine, so this just made my heart and passion jump out at every word. Great post!

  8. Kassie

    Gosh, so sorry this happened to you! I cannot imagine, but it is so good to know that our identity in Him can never be taken!

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