Desire to Inspire # 26

One of my greatest honors in blogging is the opportunity to build relationships with women of different faiths. Since the start of my blogging experience I have followed the writing and small business careers of such women as Dana at WonderForest, Diana at dianapantz, and Ashley at After Nine to Five/The Gnarly Whale, and others who, through their blog posts or through discussions on Twitter I know have different belief systems and worldviews than my own. More recently I’ve been blessed to glean wisdom and inspiration from Kristin at KV’s Confessions, a self-avowed agnostic,  Bonnie at Life of Bon, who’s Mormon beliefs are similar, but quite different from my own beliefs, and Sarah at A Cat-Like Curiosity, who is not as up-front about her beliefs, but who offers true and genuine feedback and encouragement to me on a nearly weekly basis.

I say this with all sincerity and with true gratitude: my life, my blog, and my writing has been enriched by these women, and many more who allow me to interact with them in a way that is mutually respectful, in spite of our different world views.

Today I want to speak to you – the one who follows my story and takes time to engage me regardless of our different religions. Will you allow me to share the one thing I want you to know about my faith? The one thing I wish you knew about Jesus?

The grace of God far out weighs, far outshines, and far outreaches the judgement of men.

It hurts my heart to know that Christians are often viewed as judgmental, narrow-minded hypocrites. Jesus Christ told His followers, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples: if you  have love one for another.”  Yet so often Christians are known for being judgmental rather than for being instruments of love.

Friends, the judgement of man is tough stuff. It is often deeply rooted in Biblical truth. But it is also often deeply rooted in individual opinions, life experiences, and personal preferences. It divides. The judgement of men points fingers at sin instead of pointing people to God.

But grace.

Grace is boundless. Grace rewrites our history and forges our future. Grace unites a wayward humanity with a holy, sovereign God.

Whatever you think you know about Christianity, whatever you’ve heard or read about evangelicals, please know this: the grace that Jesus offers  is so indescribably more brilliant, more alluring than the judgement of men.

Today I’m teaming up with #OvercomeTheLie, an online initiative that is “empowering a generation of women to overcome every lie because Jesus overcame the grave.”

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The one truth I want you to know is that the judgement of men is not equal to the grace of God.

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To those of you who value my words, who honor my beliefs even though they do not align with yours, I thank you so much. I thank you for the privilege of being a part of your world. It is truly my honor.

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13 thoughts on “Desire to Inspire # 26

  1. Kristen @ KV Confessions

    You are a wonderful example of how I wish all people of all faiths were – loving, understanding, respectful, and kind. I want you to know how much I respect you, your beliefs, your goals, and your amazing spirit! xo

  2. Eva @ Snappee Turtle

    So beautifully written. I linked up a post that references Steve Townend’s song “How deep the Father’s love for us” because I couldn’t help but sing it while I was writing my post…as it’s such a beautiful picture of the gospel of Christ and just how much GRACE we have been given by our Father in Heaven. Linking up here and then reading your post just reaffirmed that again!

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  4. Amy

    Do you think people get so caught up on the fact that Christ is the only way that they channel everything onto a line that they believe matches that narrow way, unknowingly illustrating it to the world as the width of a tightrope?

    Little do they know they’re choking people with the rope. Christ never did that, but he did lay down the law, speak straightforwardly (think of the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery) and didn’t mince words.

    There’s a fine line between understanding and acceptance. We can understand the views of other faiths or of worldly views, but do not have to accept them ourselves. We don’t have to condone them, either — that would be hypocritical. We do need to live in the world, but not of the world.

    Judging isn’t solely a Christian activity. As soon as someone claims “Christian” as a descriptor, plenty of people jump to judgement without bothering to listen or get to know that particular person. That makes sharing the gospel a lot harder.

    But then, God didn’t say it would be easy! Have we set ourselves up for persecution? Hmmmm …

  5. Ashley

    This post spoke to me in SO many different ways. It reminded me why I love having different views from others at times and being able to respectfully discuss, debate, or share. There is such a powerful feeling behind acceptance in the face of differences.

    Thank you, Amanda. For reminding me that these ideas are still very real within people and they are still used to bring people together instead of apart. I respect you SO much in your beliefs, the way you present them in your writing, and the way you bring those with similar and yet different ideas together to inspire others.

  6. Amy P Boyd

    I love your words today. My 20 years old daughter is one that is struggling with her faith due to the very fact of feeling as if she is being compared and judged every time she steps in doors of the the church. I have to admit that some of her feelings are real and some are whispered in her heart by the Satan. I pray not only for her to overcome their judgement and look only to Christ’s judgement but I also pray that these older believer realize their wrongs.

  7. Sarah

    Hey Amanda! I am so honoured to be featured here today. You are right in that I don’t share much about my beliefs on my blog or in my real life for that matter.

    As it happens, I am a Christian. I don’t get involved in witnessing my faith as such. I feel that if I live a good life, am kind and understanding towards others then that really is witness enough.

    I think the reason why people can be resistant towards religious people is mainly down to having a few bad experiences with certain types of Christians. You know the ones: they go to church every Sunday and spend the rest of the week behaving in a horribly judgemental way. One of my favourite sayings (which is a bit cheeky I’ll admit) is this: “Going to Church for an hour a week won’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage for an hour a week will make you a car.” There’s much more to being a Christian than that!

    I think there’s also a real fear of brainwashing, of being pushed into things that are outside of a person’s comfort zone. That’s where the guardedness from people who aren’t religious comes from I think.

    I think witnessing by behaviour is the best way to witness, and that’s what I always try to do.

    Now, to link up that post I was meaning to link up this week.

    Thanks for the feature :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  8. Dalayna Dillon

    Thank you for this awesome post! I see this in many others in the blogging community and it pains me. It is sad that many Christians have been such a misrepresentation of Christ. I pray I will never be such a person.


  9. [email protected]

    This post is so beautiful. I find myself cringing inside when I see Christians behaving in a way that dishonors others, regardless of their faith or beliefs. The day we learn that honor is the currency of Heaven, will be the day that we will truly understand what it means to consider another better than ourselves. It is love that binds us to one another and it is love that opens eyes. This is what changed me. Thank you.

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