Seasons of a Woman’s Life {Giveaway}

Seasons of a Womans Life Review and Giveaway

 There was a time when I loathed this season of waiting. I’ve written about the heart-screams that I tried in vain to quiet, shushing myself with words I know to be true. And somehow, in the hollowness of a broken heart, those truths fell flat. Not even an echo, just a painful “thud” as truth, His truth, landed heavy on my heart, as though it were nothing more than trite cliches and platitudes.

The fall of 2012 marked the beginning of a divinely orchestrated change within my heart. Am I still in a season of waiting? Yes, of course I am. But oh-so slowly I’ve come to realize that this season of waiting is not an evil plot to punish me, to tear me down and bring me low. And I’ve realized that there is purpose in the breaking.

There’s a beautiful, painful paradox that I cling to: Jesus pursues my heart by breaking it. But praise be to God He doesn’t leave it broken. He picks up the shattered pieces of hopes and dreams and whispered prayers, and yes – even fears – and begins the painstakingly delicate process of piecing them back together. And as He refashions my broken heart He breathes life, and purpose, and hope into the deepest places of my heart. Those places where two pieces meet, they form an ugly crack, a crevice, a scar.

But the life He breathes into me, a soul-saving mixture of grace and glory, it fuses those cracks, bonding a thousand ugly broken pieces into a beautiful mosaic of a heart so completely in love with Him.

And so I am still  knee-deep in waiting. Muddy waters threaten to overcome me, but I keep my eyes on Jesus, and a smidge of faith and loads of grace keep me from sinking.

True Woman 101 Divine Design Giveaway

I recently read Seasons of a Woman’s Life by Lois Evans. The author outlines the seasons of her own life, comparing them to the divinely appointed seasons of the Biblical heroine Esther, Queen of Persia. Until I read this book I’d identified this season of my life simply as waiting. But Evans identifies three primary seasons of a woman’s life: The Season of Seed Planting, The Season of Growth, and the Season of Harvest.

Perhaps this season of waiting spans two seasons of my life: seed planting and growth. I wonder if in those early months of wrestling and waiting Jesus was planting seeds in my heart, calling me to an altogether higher purpose. And now He has given me this season of waiting as a gift, so that while He brings healing to my heart He also brings growth.

Seasons of a Woman’s Life is one of those books that is easy to read, but challenging to put into action. Evans devotes an entire chapter to the subject of obedience. In it she makes this simple, yet gripping statement:
Obedience is our love language to GodI wrestle with being obedient. I have a rebellious heart that is prone to wandering, and being obedient to the direction and commands of Jesus does not come naturally. But obedience is one discipline that is foundational in every season of life. Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15). Our obedience to Christ is a sweet love song of worship and adoration of our Savior, no matter our season in life. Even when we’re knee-deep in the muddy waters of waiting.

Today I’m teaming up with Moody Publishers to giveaway a copy of Seasons of a Woman’s Life and True Woman 101: Divine Design. The latter is an eight-week  Bible study on biblical womahood. Written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary A. Kassian, this study examines what the Bible says about gender roles and encourages women to embrace Biblical Womanhood. While they take a complementarian approach to gender roles, the authors are very intentional to underscore the Biblical truth that while men and women were created with different roles in mind, they hold equal value in the eyes of God. I haven’t quite finished the study, but it has enriched my quiet time and challenged me to embrace the spectacular calling God has placed on my life.

True Woman 101 Divine Design Giveaway1

Disclosure: Moody Publishers supplied me with two copies of Seasons of a Woman’s Life and True Woman 101: Divine Design in order for me to read, review, and giveaway. All opinions expressed in this blog post are wholly my own. This post includes affiliate links, which go directly to our make-a-baby fund.

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38 thoughts on “Seasons of a Woman’s Life {Giveaway}

  1. Chrissy Boerman

    I feel like I am in the season of growth. Finding who I aIn Christ. And what he wants me to do for him.

  2. Kimberly

    I too struggle with obedience. Being knee or waist deep in muddy waters is sure way to figure out how to be obedient though. Right now, I feel like I’m wading while I’m waiting on Him.

    Thank you for the giveaway. :)

  3. Colleen

    I feel like I am in the middle of two seasons, a season of growth/season of waiting, waiting for the Lord to work… it’s sometimes hard to remain patient in these seasons!

  4. Lynne

    I think I am in the season of growth – I’ve had some faith struggles this year, mostly revolving around financial issues. But, God has been faithful (shouldn’t be a surprise, right?) to His promises, and our needs are being met. I continue to have my ups an downs, but the downs don’t seem to be quite as low, or last quite as long. Thanks be to God!

  5. Jill C

    Hi, I also find myself in a season of waiting right now, being still and knowing He is God. Definitely beyond hard to do at times, but as you said, He is so gracious to patiently love us and put our broken pieces back together. I’m still pretty cracked, but some pieces are i n place. :) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  6. Whit

    I have been stuck in the muddy waters season for quite some time now. Keepin faith that I will continue to grow and learn through him.

  7. Rachel D

    I would like to say that I am in a season of growth, but I am more likely still stuck wandering in the fields trying so much so to plant a seed that will grow.

  8. Vera

    I’m guessing between growth and harvest. . . . would have to read the book to help be decide for certain! Thanks for the great offer.

  9. Amber Cameron

    Right now we are facing a lot of unknown details in our future. Everything in me wants to run and hide but then I am reminded of the empty cross, the cross where Jesus died and because He is no longer hanging there I can be free and rest confidently in His faithfulness!

  10. Fabiola

    I too feel I’m in the season of waiting. And it’s so counterintuitive with how we’ve been brought up in our culture.
    First of all we should all be busy doing “something” anything. If you ask any given woman “How are you?” chances are their answer will be “You know, busy!” If you are “waiting” that means probably you should be busying your self making things happen. Harvest time is a busy time, and seeding time, but during the growing period at the time where most miracles are happening, the farmer has no other job but to wait, making sure to keep watch to remove weeds, water and feed the plants. But at this time is where we could be tempted in changing paths, getting distracted, without realizing watching the crop is just as vital as it was the seeding it. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant. For the being broken and put together again sometimes is God breaking us, sometimes God simply is fixing what we broke, and sometimes there is no need to be broken because we are perfectly molded for the job at hand. I’ve been enjoying your blog. I find encouragement and inspiration. Thank you.

  11. Elizabeth

    I’m definitely in a season of waiting as well. Even though we have a sweet one year old son through adoption, we are waiting to build our family, waiting for my husband to get a full-time job, waiting for him to finish his doctoral degree, etc. I feel like we’ve been in a phase of waiting for a LONG TIME. But, we know what God will eventually bring us from this phase to one of fulfillment.

  12. Nicole

    Just from reading the blog, I think I am in the season of waiting, but I would have to read the book to really know. I think it may cross with the uncertain season as well. I am so uncertain of some aspects of my life that it scares me.

  13. Melissa G

    God’s been teaching my husband and I a lot this year. We’ve grown so much as a couple and family these last months. So i’d say we’re in a growing season.

  14. Shai Masters

    I believe at this point in my life I am in the season of seed planting and growth. I see areas where I’m learning so much more about who God is and what he desires for me. Its a beautiful process that is so changing my heart. I’d love to read the books!

  15. Polly

    I too feel that I am always waiting…for what I’m not sure but I have realized recently that I need to focus less on the long term and more on the short term because I simply don’t know what the future holds. I need to find my contentment and joy in the now, in Christ.

  16. sarah bauldree

    I am in the season of growth. Going through chemo was definitely God planting seeds and he is causing me to grow as I am still experiencing frightening aftereffects. I wonder why I have to go thru this, shy can’t I just move on to the next season, but like you , Amanda, I’m waiting. I have been reading a devotional called Jesus Calling. It is no coincidence I chose that one particular one, it speaks directly to my soul and God has been drawing and molding me into what he wants instead of what my stubborn self wants. Obedience is the key.

  17. Sybil @ Peace it all Together

    That quote, about obedience being our love language to God, is so true! I have read it over and over again. Not sure what season I am in now. Is crazy-busy a season? :) I feel like I am planting seeds all over the place, but have also been blessed to be a part of the harvest, too.

  18. Connie, the daisyhead

    I’m sort of in all three of those seasons… it just depends which area of my life you look at. I know that seems crazy, but as a momma of five children spanning ages 19.5 down to 6 years old I’m in each stage of mothering. In my business and writing, I’m in seed planting and growth stages. In other areas of life, we are harvesting while preparing to shift directions and begin planting again.

    Thanks for bringing this book to my attention. I am definitely putting it on my summer reading list!

  19. Ruth Nagao

    I am currently in a season of trust (when am I not?). The Lord is constantly reminding me that circumstances can’t sway my trust, or better yet I can’t let worry cloud my trust. He’s teaching me that the growing life inside of me is His and He is only lending this babe to us for a season. So I’m learning a lot of this new adventure during this season of life. All in less than a year, a newlywed, moved to a new place, and a mom to be. It’s an exciting place to be with the Lord.

  20. Debby

    I am in a season of growth. God is stretching me in many ways. Some easy and some very painful. But God is in control. I know this is where He has put me.

  21. Helen

    I’m waiting for growth if that makes any sense. Waiting for him to show me the opportunity that is going to cause me to grow as a person in faith.

  22. Victoria

    I am definitely in the season of seed planting and growth as well. That old season of waiting is raining down on me as we speak. Like they say, I guess I just need to learn how to dance in the rain! :-) Thank you for all you do and for being so honest about your life and what you are going through!

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