Desire to Inspire #33: Rest{full}


I spent the day in quiet. No T.V., no radio, no music. Only the music of springtime: birds, and frogs, and wind in the trees.

After working in my garden for a little while I found myself back in side and in the mood to declutter and clean. I emptied out drawers, finally throwing away receipts from when our foster boys were with us…fifteen months ago. I rearranged books and what few nick-knacks I have.

worked, but I rested too.

I rested from the internet, from the distraction of eight different tabs open, vying for my attention. I rested from social media, and the silent noise of people chattering back and forth, each one clamoring for their voices to be heard. (I say that without malice because most days I am one of those voices hoping to be heard.)


I rested from blogging, and writing, and planning. I lived my life. I walked down our dirt driveway and smelled the earth around me, all dirty and musty and full of life. I rubbed my hands on my rosemary plant and enjoyed the rich, spicy smell that lingered. 

And when I came inside and worked I was particularly aware of how grateful I am for our home. I wasn’t distracted by those things that seem oh-so-important, and I looked around our home and thought about how incredibly blessed I am. My house is quiet, completely void of the sound of children laughing and crying and dropping legos on hardwood floors and splashing water onto the wrong side of the bathtub. But my home is full of love. And yesterday, embracing rest and quiet, I was reminded of how much I love this little house and a few acres.

Sometimes, every now and then I need to take a big step back from my online life and live the here and now life that God has given me.

Embracing a season of rest and quiet

April was jam-packed with blogging and fertility treatments, and design projects. May is shaping up to be a little more quiet. And I’m looking forward to that.

*Our barn cat, Cinders has been enjoying a pickup truck bed full of mulch. We’ve been working on some outdoor projects, but Cinders thinks we created a big comfy bed just for him.

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  1. says

    Rest is something that I have not been giving myself enough of. I am sure it is not a coincidence that this what you are writing about today. It is such a sweet treasure in the middle of a busy life, full of twists and turns. I would be nice to not feel like I am racing against the clock all of the time. :-)

  2. says

    Such an important reminder! Rest (especially in thankfulness and with Him) is what patches the soul. Glad to see you are taking care of yourself like that! xxoo

  3. Lynne says

    It’s easy to overlook what is right in front of our noses, isn’t it? I sometimes can get very jittery if I am trying to monitor too much social media all at once…I’m talking 5 cups of coffee kind of jittery. The only cure is some deep breathing and the use of the “off switch” thanks for the reminder!

    I just love that cat! The expression on his/her face is priceless, especially in your top photo.

  4. Denise Evans says

    I have a website, starting today, as I decided it was better go for paid and get the protection for my content. It may not be anything anyone would want to steal but I don’t want to lose it by some sort of crash either:) Learned a lot for Amanda so far.

    I read your “Desire to Inspire” and it really was a good read. You are so right about “smelling the roses” and getting out where the real live is going on. I love writing but I can get too caught up and neglect the way important things in life:) Also, the part about showering and dressing in what we would wear to town, excellent!! I gained some weight and been sloppin around in old, hag clothing. Gonna clean up my act, for myself, as I am divorced for 16 years and feel “big deal” whos looking. But I am, and not happy with what I see so thank you for the wakeup call Amanda! Denise

  5. says

    ” So, a martial art is a military art. So while moving forward one must be aware of the rear, and be prepared to retreat, while attacking being prepared to defend, and while defending being poised to strike. There has been a lot of concern with the increasingly ‘Internet addicted’ youth of the world, be they Chinese who died after playing too much World Of Warcraft or your average teen, surfing the web for hours each day after getting back from school.


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