The importance of story telling

You have a story to tell.

Maybe it is buried deep down,  in the hidden places of a bruised and wounded soul, and you want to forget the painful, shameful details. Or maybe it’s fresh on the surface, ready to be told, and the words just won’t come. Either way, never underestimate the importance of story telling.

Wrapped up in the beautiful uniqueness of who you are is a whole lifetime of experiences, sticky situations, monumental achievements, epic wins and embarrassing losses, all stories that are waiting to be told.

Our stories are exquisitely unique, crafted and expertly written to set each of us apart from eight billion people on planet earth. And sometimes telling our stories seems like nothing more than contributing imperceptible chattering nonsense to the swarming buzz of busyness around us, and we wonder how in the world our stories will stand out and offer anything of significance to anyone. We must tell our stories anyway.

The importance of story telling

Our stories link us to each other, fusing unseen bonds that connect our hearts in camaraderie and sisterhood and brotherhood. Stories engage the whole person. They draw us in, engaging us mentally and emotionally, and often igniting physical responses like knee-slappin’ laughter or heartfelt tears of empathy, or an offer of sympathy through a hug, a note, or a text message. We always react to stories with our whole selves: mentally, emotionally, physically.

Don’t believe the lies.

Maybe you’ve heard the same lies I’ve heard:

No one will listen to (or read) your story.”

“It’s not worth the time it takes to craft an authentic, readable story.”

“Your story is insignificant.”

“Your story is too painful, too shameful, too messy.” 

People will listen to (or read) your story. We are creatures who crave stories. From our earliest days our sticky little fingers flip through picture books that tell the most simple stories, and the love of a good story never leaves us. From thirty second commercials to blockbuster record breaking films, we’re hardwired to pay attention to story. Friends, don’t ever not tell your story because you’re afraid no one will pay attention.

Your story is your testimony, and it is of highest value. It is as unique as you are, and just like no one is lining up to live your life, no one else is lining up to tell your story. No one else can expertly craft the gloriously unique story that is yours. Your testimony is unparalleled and it needs to be told.

Oh friends, don’t let shame from your past stifle your testimony in the here and now. Jesus redeems wasted years, fallen tears, and shame-filled lives. Your past has a purpose and so does your shame. That purpose is your redemption and God’s glory, don’t allow your shame to hide, hinder, or marginalize that greater purpose. Tell your story of shame, for it is also your story of redemption.

The importance of story telling

Embrace your platform

I tell my story here on my blog, a very public platform where loved ones and strangers alike can read our story. And maybe that’s not your forte. But you do have a platform.

Evaluate where your sphere of influence falls. Is your influence primarily with your little ones and other mommies? Is your platform social media? Do your words hold weight with your coworkers? You have influence and your story has a platform. Discover both and learn to use them effectively and efficiently.

Oh sweet friends, please know that your story needs to be told. Intricate details that God has orchestrated serve a divine purpose, don’t let that purpose go to waste.

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  1. says

    Thank you for being a working vessel- your post is just what I needed to hear. Satan wants us to feel isolated and alone. love your heart-xox

  2. says

    Oh, we DO all have a story to tell, hopes to share, secrets to reveal and a chance to inspire others! So many of us are held back by our fears associated with that story, but we weren’t created to fear. We were created to love, to inspire and to point others toward His hand, His glory and His grace in our life. YOU, Amanda, are doing a beautiful job of that, and I feel blessed to have met you!


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