Desire to Inspire: Writing a Mission Statement for your blog

How to Blog 12 easy to follow lessons and tutorails from A Royal DaughterWriting a Mission Statement for your blog

Whether you’re just starting out on your blogging journey or you’re years into building community online, writing a mission statement for your blog will help discover your vision and define your purpose.

As you continue with blogging, referencing your mission statement will help keep you on track as you grow and change. And your mission statement may evolve as your blog grows and changes! But getting back to your core purpose, original goals, and heart desires will help shape your growth to what you want it to be.

Last spring I finally sat down and composed a mission statement for A Royal Daughter. Here are the steps I took in writing a missions statement for my own blog.

Ask Questions:

  • What is my purpose in blogging?
  • To whom am I writing? Who is my target demographic? How old is she, what does she struggle with, and how can I encourage/inspire/help her?
  • What questions can I answer?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • How can I tell my story in a unique way?
  • How can I best represent the love and grace of Jesus?
  • Am I willing to be vulnerable?
  • Which bloggers do I most aspire to be like, and what is it about their blogs that I love?
  • How am I most afraid to fail? (This helped me realize that while I am thankful for the opportunity to monetize my blog and earn income for my family, it is not one of my main priorities or goals, it’s an added bonus!)

Brainstorm with Friends

If you have close blogging friends who know you and know your heart, I’d recommend recruiting them to be sounding boards for your ideas and dreams. But don’t forget your face-to-face friends.

I invited a couple of my closest “in real life” friends to bounce ideas off of and to provide feedback. They are the people who know me best, who know my heart and my worldview, and I knew they would be perfect to help me define my blog’s mission.

I am blessed to have a handful of very close blogging friends. They understand the blogging community, the delicate balance of understanding the importance of numbers, but not defining yourself by your numbers, and my vision for my blog. They’re the people who know Amanda the blogger the best, and they want the best for A Royal Daughter.

As I developed my purpose and wrote out my mission statement, they were right there to give feedback, offer constructive criticism, encouragement, and suggestions. Their feedback was invaluable.

Write it Out

You can brainstorm, plan, dream, and hope all you want, but until you put the pen to the paper (or your fingers to the keyboard) you don’t actually have a mission statement.

  • Put it on your calendar. Schedule time to mull over all the thoughts you’ve collected and questions you’ve asked.
  • Write out a rough draft of your mission statement.
  • Keep it short, and make sure it stands alone. The idea is that you want your mission statement to articulate the purpose, vision, dreams for your blog in just a few sentences.
  • Your mission statement should represent your brand.
  • Review and edit until you have a final draft that reflects your purpose, vision and dreams for your blog.

Writing a Mission Statement for Your Blog

My Mission Statement

A Royal Daughter exists to encourage and equip women to live inspired and delight-filled lives. A Christian Lifestyle blog, A Royal Daughter chronicles tales of country living and the long road to motherhood, and offers tutorials and how-tos that serve as resources and tips for blogging, green living, and finding delight amidst the muddy waters of infertility.

Resources + Engage Us

Want to do a little more research before you write your blog’s mission statement? Here are some great resources:

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Have you thought about writing a mission statement for your blog? |What steps did you take to reach the final result? | Share your mission statement with us so we can meet you!

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    I’ve been working on this for a week and just can’t get what I want….thank you for the help. Maybe I will finally get over the hump! ♥

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    Having a mission statement was one of the best pieces of advice I received. Creating a focus for my bog and gaining confidence in my purpose made blogging so much more enjoyable! Your mission statement is beautiful, I love all that you do with your blog!

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    What a great series, and of course, we love the idea of creating a mission statement for your blog! Thanks for linking to our post about how to develop a mission statement. Your blog is new to me, but I’m going to pin this for later reference! Such a great resource.

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