Hold my hand, hold my heart, and walk with me

Before I ever shared our story about infertility publicly, before I ever wrote about it on my blog, before I even really got over the denial that this is our story, God brought a sweet soul into my life who battled infertility for many years. It happened quite by accident, really. She was writing a blog post that brought a humorous side to What not to Say to Your Infertile Friends, and was looking for a few ladies to collaborate with her.

I volunteered.

I hadn’t yet written about infertility on my blog, and very few people outside of our closest friends and family even knew that we were battling infertility. I originally signed up to collaborate anonymously, I joined Rebecca and Tara in writing the post.

That first interaction was the beginning of a friendship that has meant so much to me. At that point (more than a year ago!) I felt so incredibly alone, and not just that but I felt lonely. I had isolated myself in our infertility, and I was very much in need of someone to come alongside me and walk with me through this journey.

That’s what Rebecca has been to me. In a very real sense she has been a mentor. She has mentored me through the crazy emotions that come along with fertility treatments, she has answered questions, listened to my heart-cries, and prayed me through the dark days of miscarriage. I’m so thankful thankful that God brought Rebecca into my life to walk this journey with me, to hold my hand and my heart.

Last Septmember, after months of phone calls and Google + chats, we finally got to meet in person at the Influence Conference. We were roommates (along with Brittany and Stephanie) and it being with her face-to-face, heart-to-heart, was so healing for my spirit.

Influence Conference Roommatesme, Rebecca, Brittany, Stephanie

Today my heart is so happy, because I finally get to see her again. Today I’m flying to Denver to spend a few days with this sweet friend of mine. I’ll be celebrating her ministry’s one year anniversary, and will be spending some time in a radio studio recording three shows for her radio program!

And what about you? Do you have a Rebecca in your life? Do you have a someone who will hold your hand, hold your heart, and walk with you through the hard times? Someone who has already gone ahead and knows how to navigate the muddy waters, do you have that?

Close-up Holding Hands

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  1. says

    My wife and I struggled too, and possibly the worst thing well meaning friends said was “the fun is in the trying”. It was funny the first 10 of 5000 times you heard it. Maybe.
    Christians have so many ways to explain God’s behavior – at funerals, in difficult situations – and it has to do more with making the speaker feel better than the recipient. Wish we could just live in the mystery and tell people “I love you” and embrace them. That is compassion.
    As for my life, I do have a Rebecca. Her name is Debbie and she provides inspiration daily. Thanks for your vulnerability. God bless. http://choosetotrust.com/2013/08/the-alarm/

  2. says

    Amanda, that’s so cool that you get to spend time with her and do her radio show! I’m so glad for you that you have a friend like her in your life. What a sweet provision from God.

  3. Debby says

    Amanda what a great story. Enjoy your time with Rebecca. Have fun recording the radio show. Now that your going to be a celebrity I can say I knew you before you became famous!
    I do have a Rebecca you know her very well it is your Mama, Vera. You had a hand in our meeting as well as Brandi we met 28 years ago at Mothers Day out. We have laughed together and cried together. I am thankful every day for her friendship that has spanned the years and distance. (We haven’t live in the same state for over 26 years).
    Enjoy your time with your friend.


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