This Battlefield is Holy Ground

It is in between those moments of wrestling – the moments that make me breathless and leave me feeling fearless, and yet somehow defeated – that the realization hits: this battlefield, where I stand so brave, yet so often fall, this battlefield is holy ground.

This battlefield is holy ground.

This Battlefield is Holy Ground

My heart stirs as I remember the glorious honor that I have been given – that the Almighty allows me to wrestle with Him. That He welcomes my questioning. That He treasures my tears. That He honors my seeking. And that He sees beyond my frailty and brokenness and values the priceless and unique treasure that He created. Even though I beat my fists in the face of His will, He remains faithful when I am faithless.

And this battlefield, this holy ground, reminds me of how my every weakness is made strong through Him.

When I am weakest, frail from wrestling, weighed down by burdens I refuse to give up, He is strong. His strength supports me through the Valley of the Shadow and bears the weight of the burden I cling to so tightly.

It is when I feel alone, forgotten or ignore, that I remember His closeness. When my heart feels isolated and lonely – He fills it with His extravagant love, bursting through my resisting and fighting, and reminding me that He is constantly in pursuit of my heart.

It is when I am broken, dreams shattered around me, that I feel His touch. He quietly repairs the cracks, leaving scars that testify to His healing touch. A masterpiece of fractured canvas painted with divine brush strokes.

And to think, the victory cry cannot sound until the white flag of surrender waves over an abandoned battlefield. This holy ground, bare and scarred from the war I waged so valiantly, when all is quiet I realize I can finally sing the victory song of surrender.

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  1. says

    I love this! It reminds me of 2 Chronicles 20: “Do not fear or worry about this army. The battle is not yours to fight; it is the True God’s… Stand and watch, but do not fight the battle. There, you will watch the Eternal save you. Do not fear or worry. Tomorrow, face the army and trust that the Eternal is with you.” (vs. 15, 17)

    I really needed this today… Thank you for sharing.

  2. says

    I’ve read this blog post everyday since it’s posted and everyday it pours into my heart…sometimes I don’t understand the battlefield I am on, but I always understand that it’s Holy and that my cries to Him are heard and blessed, thank you for this beautifully written reminder!

  3. Zuri says

    I am going through infertility right now and I do not have the strength to pray nor seek The Lord.
    I do not know what to think of it all…Am I supposed to live by faith & stop treatments and let God do His thing or I do what I can on this side of eternity by seeking medical assistance and hope that I can still be blessed with child?…I guess it gives me a certain sense of peace knowing that I am doing what I can to make it happen. Eventually, I know the last word remains with HIM.
    I am trying to learn to live beyond myself and be a blessing to my home, husband and relatives/friends.
    Now, I understand why Sarah chuckled…!


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