Comfort, Peace, and Hope

With broken words and fragile courage we share our stories. The stories of grief that feels like failure, but really it’s a story of bravery. The stories of overcoming heartache and brokenness, but really it’s a story of healing.

Some of us share our stories privately, being vulnerable with just a few trusted souls. And some of us share our stories publicly, writing and speaking to who knows how many strangers. These stories, our stories, we share them for the same reasons, really.

We share our stories so others know they are not alone in the journey. And maybe to remind ourselves the we’re not alone either. We share our stories to offer encouragement and camaraderie, creating community around a common journey. We share stories to testify to God’s goodness and attest to His provision when all hope seemed lost.

I take so much joy in reading the stories of others. I rejoice in knowing that even though our hearts are broken, we are resilient – picking up and moving forward in spite of the struggle. I am inspired by those who have faced nightmares and unrealized dreams, yet daily choose joy.

But sometimes I wonder if I rely on these stories too often. Do I place too much hope in the victories of others? Do I look to their stories of overcoming instead of looking to Jesus to help me overcome?

Sometimes I do. Sometimes I focus so much on the stories – beautiful stories that must be told – that I take my eyes off Jesus. Sometimes I listen to or read others’ encouraging words, and neglect the Living Word. Sometimes I recall the testimonies of hope, and I forget that my hope is in Jesus.

Telling our stories is important. Encouraging one another with testimonies of His grace and glory is an essential part of Christian living. But we must remember that our hope is found in Christ alone. Our victory comes through His grace in our lives. Our healing comes through the power of His Spirit.

Comfort, Peace, and Hope from Christ Alone - via A Royal Daughter.

I still find encouragement in the stories of others. But I’m being intentional to remember that my comfort, my peace, my hope is wholly and completely in who Christ is, and what He has done for me on the cross. There is no greater comfort, no stronger peace, no more glorious hope than Christ and Christ alone. And He receives all the glory.


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    I think sharing our testimonies is so important, when we do it creates an environment for the Lord to do the same! It’s such a beautiful thing to release our testimonies to other people!

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