Gender Reveal Outfits

Team Baby E.

There is a tiny, precious life developing in my womb.

My womb.

For years it was empty, and I felt that my body betrayed my heart’s deepest desire. And now there is a child – the child for which we have prayed for so long – growing in my womb.

Sometimes it is still hard to believe.

The fluttery movements started about three weeks ago, and feeling that sweet babe moving around inside me created a new excitement within me and made it easier to believe that this longtime dream really is coming true.

On Monday we had our 19 week ultrasound. My heart swelled and I felt this silly twitterpated kind of grin spread across my face as I looked at our little nugget squirming against the ultrasound. We saw the heart beating, a tiny bladder and kidneys, and tiny little fingers and toes waving and kicking. It was one of the best moments of my life. (And I know that even more best moments are to come!)

We did not find out Baby E.’s gender, we’re waiting until tomorrow – Thanksgiving Day – when we will find out along with our families. Our ultrasonographer put the results in an envelope and sealed it up.

Gender Reveal Results

We took our sealed envelope, and my over-the-moon self, to Babies-R-Us to shop for ridiculously adorable baby clothes. We hadn’t really shopped for baby clothes (in fact, for years I deliberately avoided the baby section of every store) so I was a bit giddy at the overload of cuteness.

Team Blue Gender Reveal Party

Team Pink Gender Reveal

We finally narrowed it down to two outfits for each gender. We loved the shirts that said, “Mommy’s Little Man” and “I Love Daddy” but we were committed to picking two outfits of the same price, and those two items were not the same price.

Gender Reveal Party Outfitssorry for the blurry phone photo, these were the runner up outfits that we did not get.

Picking out two outfits, one for a boy and one for a girl, was such a fun experience for us to do together. We finally decided on the perfect outfits and headed to check out.

Gender Reveal OutfitsWhich one of these did we buy? We don’t know!

The cashier was incredibly helpful and went out of his way to keep our surprise a surprise to us. We handed him our top secret envelope, both outfits, a gift bag and tissue paper, and cash to cover our purchase. We explained that we only wanted one of the outfits, but we didn’t know which one. We asked him to look in the envelope after we walked away, ring up the appropriate outfit, wrap it up in several bags, place it and the receipt in the gift bag, and cover it with tissue paper.

We also asked that the outfit that we did not purchase be hidden and out of sight when we came back up to pick up our purchase. We were super nice about it, and it is a baby store after all, so hopefully he didn’t think we were being too over the top with demands. *wink*

My husband and I went back to shopping for a little while and then made our way to the front of the store where our items were waiting. We did not peek in the bag, and it’s been locked in our farm truck since Monday night just to keep us from being tempted to go sneak a peek!

Tomorrow, during our Thanksgiving Day festivities, we have planned a scavenger hunt with clues that will eventually lead our family members to our baby gift bag. My  husband and I will open it together and find out along with our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins whether we are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl.

We’d love for you to tell us what you think! We’re officially #TeamBabyE (we’ll be thrilled with a little boy or a little girl) but we’ll be making our own guesses before the big reveal tomorrow afternoon!



I hope to share the results on Friday, but if you want to be the first to know, you may want to follow me on Instagram!

24 thoughts on “Team Baby E.

  1. Breenah

    I started to tear up because I can feel just how happy and excited you are. I am so happy for you two and can’t wait to find out which outfit you bought!

  2. Whitney @ Journey Mercies

    Wow what a creative way of finding out! I am 26 weeks pregnant & we just found out our baby is a boy. I guess we were a bit creative too – my husband was out of the country, so he skype called my phone during the ultrasound so the doctor could tell us together. It’s all pretty exciting! Congrats!

  3. Amber.M

    This excites me so much! that was so sweet of that cashier to actually go through all that trouble for you guys! I’m glad you encounter good people and I’m so excited to see what Baby is! :)

  4. Jennifer

    I can’t even begin to tell you just how excited I am for you guys! I’ve watched you walk and work through some crazy times, and to be able to rejoice with you is AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to find out the secret and get to work on a secret project of my own *wink* 😀 Blessings!!

  5. Sarah Jane

    LOVE this idea. I might borrow part of it. I want a gender reveal party with our immediate family at Christmas, but I plan on finding out. I might knit a girl or boy clothing item to hide as part of a scavenger hunt. Decisions, decisions…

  6. Patricia

    So many people just sort of take for granted many of the “pre”-moments in their pregnancy, always focusing on the big day when the baby finally arrives. And well that IS a BIG day, but I am so thrilled y’all are enjoying every moment in the process before that day too. I couldn’t be happier for you and your family! I would say,”post lots of pictures!”, but I know you will so I won’t. (See what I did there?? LOL) I’m watching the mailbox for baby shower invites *hint hint*

  7. Très bien

    I love it! I am so happy for you! I know how heart wrenching it can be to wait for the Lord to bless you with a child. God is good and faithful and what a little miracle you have growing inside of you. I love the way you have chosen to reveal the gender. SO fun! Can’t wait to find out!!

  8. Sharolyn

    Awwww….this was such a fun read! Tears threaten to overflow as I feel your excitement build toward tomorrow! Looking forward to a new baby in the neighborhood…either pink OR blue!! Either one will absolutely love having you and David as mommy and daddy!!

  9. Jessica A

    Sounds like a fun way to do it.i did something similar with baby #2. I took a container of Jordan Almonds into a cupcake shop and told the teenager working there to hide the correct color ones in two cupcakes. She was so excited to know she knew before us. :)


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