I wrestle, yet again, with setting goals and making New Year resolutions. This moment in time – the newness of a fresh start to a new year – seems almost magical, as if we can erase the failures and heartache of the year just passed, and embrace a clean slate of living in a new year.

Yet I hesitate to make resolutions. Because I always, always fail. And I fear, and even hate failure. If I don’t make resolutions at least I know I won’t fail. But deep inside I also know that I won’t try. And sometimes the victory comes in the trying. 

Last year I chose a word that I hoped would characterize my year: rootedNot only was it my word of the year, but it was also my prayer: to be rooted in Christ and His grace.

This year my word of the year is a prayer, a reminder, and a challenge: becoming.

One Word//One Prayer: Becoming

The year that awaits holds so much newness for me. Most notably, the newness of motherhood and life with a newborn. This is the year I am becoming a mother. This is the year my husband and I are becoming parents, and with it we are becoming advocates, warriors, teachers, students, providers, and unconditional lovers. We know with our minds what it means to be parents, but this year our becoming means learning it with our hearts.

My prayer is for grace in the becoming. Oh how I need grace. Because while I am, for the first time, becoming a mother, I’m still becoming a woman of God, a faithful wife, a loving daughter, a loyal friend, a grace-filled stranger.

One Word//One Reminder: Becoming

Choosing becoming as my word for this year reminds me that I am constantly becoming something.  I’ve not yet “arrived” at holiness, I’m not really grace-filled, I fail daily at being a Godly woman. But I am daily, moment-by-moment, becoming these things, or I’m becoming something else. Through His grace and for His glory, I am reminded that becoming is a process, and I don’t have to fear failure because His grace covers all the times I fail at becoming.

One Word//One Challenge: Becoming

Because becoming is a process I am constantly at a crossroad with a challenge to determine what kind of woman I am becoming. I am becoming something. What I am becoming will be determined by the most simple, inconsequential choices I make, as well as the life-changing decisions with which I wrestle. 

One Word - Becoming

I’m also challenged to be willing to give up who and what I am, so that who I am becoming can shine through. Oh how I want to be becoming more like Christ. And I so want Christ to shine through me.

2014 will be a year of becoming for me, and probably for you too. Let’s set goals and make resolutions that help us become more like Christ.

Here’s to a wonderful, blessed, and memorable 2014.


  1. joanna n. says

    what a wonderful word! i think i might share your word, for i’ve been reminded the past few mos. just how much becoming i have to do…become more loving, more patient, less selfish, more giving, more kind, more compassionate, less critical, more gracious, more content…thank you for helping me to process just what i should be aiming for in 2014!

  2. says

    Such a great word! I will have to linkback to your post in the future. “Becoming” is such a strong word, that can be used in so many contexts. I have so much becoming to do. Both as a mother, a wife, a sister, and as a daughter. I also desire to become so many other things in other areas of my life. Thank you for seeing how important it is in your life, and sharing it with your readers. I have so much to aim for in 2014, but I know with God’s help, I will truly find that becoming is what He desires for me in my life.

  3. Karrie Smith says

    I’m just so happy for you! I pray that you have safe and easy delivery. I can’t wait to hear about it and see pics if you choose to show them with us!!!


  4. Whitney @ Journey Mercies says

    I know I am really late to this conversation, but your words really resonated with me! We are expecting our first child in about 6 weeks and I have been thinking a lot about the mother I want to become – which really is just an extension of the woman I want to become. If I’m not intentionally becoming more like Christ, I am scared to think of who I could be! Thanks for sharing :) (I actually wrote about the kind of mother I want to be on my blog – would love to hear your thoughts as a fellow expectant mother!)


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